A semaglutide syringe floating flanked by DNA strands

For Immediate Release

April 30, 2024 - [Albany, New York] - In light of the increasing interest surrounding peptide-based weight loss solutions in our community, Dr. Martin Ferrillo of ASCPM (Albany Saratoga Centers for Pain Management) stresses the importance of safety, advocating for the management of such treatments exclusively under the supervision of qualified medical professionals. This announcement aims to highlight the significance of responsible utilization while clarifying the mechanisms of a widely acclaimed option, Semaglutides.

“While these treatments hold promise, their safe and effective utilization necessitates the expertise and oversight of healthcare providers.”, says Dr. Ferrillo.

Semaglutides, a notable contender in the realm of weight management, exert their effects on the brain, gut, and various bodily organs to foster sensations of fullness, mitigate cravings, and suppress appetite. However, it's crucial to emphasize that the safe and effective implementation of Semaglutides hinges upon expert guidance and oversight from healthcare professionals.

Of particular note is Semaglutides' ability to regulate gastric emptying, thereby promoting satiety and facilitating portion control. This mechanism, while promising, underscores the necessity for individuals to undergo treatment exclusively under the careful supervision of qualified medical personnel.

Through this announcement, individuals are reminded that embarking on a semaglutide-based weight loss regimen should only be undertaken in consultation with healthcare providers. By adhering to this principle, individuals can mitigate potential risks and maximize the likelihood of achieving favorable outcomes in their weight loss endeavors.


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