The Celiac Plexus treatment is a medical procedure performed by ASCPM that assists individuals with certain types of pain, such as stomach or back pain. The Celiac Plexus, a group of nerves in the abdominal area, can cause discomfort when they transmit pain signals.

Procedure Details

During this treatment, ASCPM clinicians utilize special tools to carefully numb or block the pain-causing nerves of the Celiac Plexus. This is achieved by administering medicine near the Celiac Plexus. It helps alleviate nerve activity and reduce the transmission of pain messages to the brain.

Imaging and Precision

Clinicians might employ X-rays or other imaging tools to ensure precise placement of the medicine. By confirming accurate delivery, they aim to optimize the effectiveness of the treatment and enhance patient outcomes.

Improving Quality of Life

The goal of the Celiac Plexus treatment is to alleviate pain and enhance the quality of life for individuals experiencing discomfort. By reducing pain signals and promoting comfort, this procedure aims to improve overall well-being and help individuals lead more fulfilling lives.