Are you struggling with knee pain that just won’t go away? A Genicular Nerve Block might be the solution you’ve been searching for. This innovative medical procedure done by specialists at ASCMPM offers relief for individuals suffering from chronic knee discomfort, allowing them to regain mobility and improve their quality of life.

How It Works

The Genicular Nerve Block procedure targets specific nerves in the knee known as “genicular nerves.” These nerves are responsible for transmitting pain signals from the knee to the brain. During the procedure, a skilled practitioner administers a local anesthetic near these nerves, effectively numbing them and temporarily interrupting the transmission of pain signals. This numbing effect provides immediate relief from knee pain, allowing patients to experience improved comfort and mobility.


The benefits of a Genicular Nerve Block are significant. By blocking the transmission of pain signals from the knee, this procedure offers immediate relief for individuals struggling with chronic knee pain. Patients often experience reduced discomfort, improved mobility, and enhanced overall quality of life following the procedure. Additionally, the temporary nature of the nerve block allows patients to assess the effectiveness of the treatment before considering more permanent solutions.

Procedure Explanation

During the Genicular Nerve Block procedure, patients typically lie comfortably on an examination table while a healthcare professional cleans and sterilizes the injection site on the knee. Using advanced imaging techniques such as fluoroscopy or ultrasound, the physician precisely locates the genicular nerves to ensure accurate administration of the anesthetic. Once the injection is administered, patients may experience immediate pain relief, allowing them to resume their daily activities with greater comfort and ease.

In summary, the Genicular Nerve Block procedure offers a safe and effective solution for individuals suffering from chronic knee pain. By targeting the source of pain directly, this innovative treatment option provides immediate relief and allows patients to regain control of their lives. If you’re experiencing persistent knee discomfort, consider consulting with an ASCPM professional to determine if a Genicular Nerve Block is right for you.