The sacroiliac (SI) joint fusion is a medical procedure at ASCPM used to treat certain types of back pain, specifically pain that comes from the sacroiliac (SI) joint. This joint is where your spine connects to your pelvis.

How It Works

During the SI Fusion procedure, doctors use special materials to help stabilize and “fuse” the SI joint. They do this by placing small implants or screws into or across the joint to hold it in a more stable position. This helps reduce pain by stopping excess movement and friction in the joint, which can be a source of discomfort.

The Benefits

For people who have been dealing with ongoing back pain that hasn’t improved with other treatments, SI Fusion can provide relief. By making the joint more stable and reducing movement that might be causing pain, people can experience less discomfort and move around more comfortably.

The procedure is done under anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. X-rays or other imaging tools are used to guide during the procedure, making sure everything is in the right place.