A stellate ganglion nerve block procedure is a medical treatment offered at ASCPM to alleviate pain in the neck, face, and upper extremities. The stellate ganglion, situated in the neck near the base of the throat, plays a pivotal role in transmitting pain signals.

How It Works

During the procedure, a practitioner employs a thin needle to inject medication near the stellate ganglion. This medication works to block pain signals emanating from the affected nerves. It offerS temporary relief from discomfort. By specifically targeting the stellate ganglion, the procedure aims to diminish pain and enhance daily functioning.

Procedure Details

It’s noteworthy that the stellate ganglion nerve block procedure is common procedures. Experts in pain management first evaluate the individual’s specific condition. They discuss potential risks and benefits, and offer compassionate care throughout the procedure. By seeking guidance from these professionals, individuals can undergo the procedure with confidence. 

The Benefits

Trained practitioners perform the stellate ganglion nerve block procedure under the guidance of imaging techniques. Some techniques such as X-rays or fluoroscopy, ensure precise placement of the needle. Through meticulous identification of the stellate ganglion, healthcare providers administer the medication with accuracy. This procedure proves beneficial in managing painful conditions. Some conditions are complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), nerve injuries, or specific vascular disorders. By temporarily disrupting pain signals, it enables individuals to regain mobility, alleviate discomfort, and improve overall quality of life.